The wait is over! Meet the winners for the 4th edition of the Digital Scholarship.
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Cabo Verde Digital is the 2.0 version of the country’s one of a kind traits

Cabo Verde Digital is an platform of the Government of Cabo Verde to strengthen the ICT community and support the creation of the digital ecosystem through training and technological entrepreneurship.

Cabo Verde Digital comes forth as the government's arm to follow up on a series of public initiatives spanning from coding school for youngsters to scholarships to create businesses, and public support to attract digital nomads to the country.

we want to

Attract Diaspora

Support & Challenge
Local Ecosystem

Surprise the International Tech Scene

We are driven to make you succeed and we believe we can inspire others to take action.

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Milton Cabral

Program Manager Officer

Milton Cabral

Program Manager Officer

With more than a decade in the tech industry, it's possible to find my fingerprints in several country-level govtech-projects, for online citizen's services delivery, and public administration digitization. During the last 3 years, I have been playing an active role in the local Startup Innovation Ecosystem development process, leading initiatives and advising the government in activating and make the governance of the local innovation ecosystem for startups, through different projects to create community, create talent, and create a market.
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Joelson Leal

Strategist & Innovation Designer

Joelson Leal

Strategist & Innovation Designer

I am a passionate graphic designer who tries to solve real-life problems through empathy and design thinking. I have a broad range of design-based skills like graphic design, user interface design, and front-end development. I started my career as a graphic designer at Uni-CV, after that I became the lead user interface designer at Bonako, designing products such as Muska, MyUnitel, Passafree, RTC mobile, AIS 2018, WHO Afro Innovation Challenge Platform, etc. Currently, I work as an Advisor for Marketing, Brands, and Events at the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries of the Government of Cabo Verde.
Darlyn Estrela

Community Manager

Darlyn Estrela

Community Manager

I am passionate about fostering an inspiring culture driven by a people-first mentality, with the ultimate goal of providing a world-class experience and customers. I am dedicated to investing in my growth and that of others, operating with integrity and enjoying the journey!


Ricardo Lima

Head of Startups at Web Summit — Portugal

Luci Fonseca

Investor at Base10 Partners — USA

John Vicente, PhD

Technology Executive — USA

Josslyn Medina

Singer/Songwriter — Portugal

Nadine Tavares

Software Engineer at SAP — Hungary

Hélio Varela

CTIO at Unitel T+ — Cabo Verde

driven to make you succeed

Why Cabo Verde?

E-Governance champions in Africa

Welcoming Community & Cultural Diversity

Integrated Diaspora

Political Stability & Reliability

Agile Regulations

Network & ICT Infrastructure

Welcoming Community & Cultural Diversity

Market Potential