“GoGlobal in Websummit”, is an annual immersion, visibility and financing program that aims, on the one hand, to expose the national ICT Startups to the global market, opening the opportunity for young Cape Verdean innovators to be in contact with the most current and disruptive innovations in the world; and on the other hand, to give international visibility to a package of incentives to promote digital transformation and the development of Innovation Ecosystems, positioning Cabo Verde as a perfect spot for global companies in the ICT sector that want to set up their “headquarter” on our islands.

In this first edition, 10 projects were selected that participated in the Web Summit, the largest conference on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in the world that takes place from November 4th to 7th in Lisbon. The 10 selected startups will participate in a preparation training in different soft skills such as pitching, networking, etc.